TenantFlow AI allows you to

Get higher quality tenants, faster

Our proprietary AI, Leasa, screens and pre-qualifies prospects for residental property managers and leasing agents - all through AI-enabled SMS or email.Land great tenants with less effort and time.

What problem does TenantFlow AI solve?

Let's face it, most inquiries come in at night when prospective tenants are home from work and by the time you or your leasing agent calls the next day, they are back at work and unavailable to answer the phone.You are missing out on great tenants because you or your employee work during regular business hours when the best prospective tenants are at work. Someone either works long days or you don't get back to great tenants.Our virtual leasing agent, Leasa, will text tenants when they are most excited about your apartment (with your ad already open).Within 3-5 minutes Leasa can pre-qualify tenants and set up tours. Leasa is a closer!

How does TenantFlow AI help ?

Intelligent (24/7) Automation

Less effort for managers, more straightforward for tenants.Our AI, Leasa, handles pre-qualification communication automatically - day or night.We do this whether leads come from apartments.com, appfolio, or your website.

Cost Effective

If your property managers spend an hour a week speaking with prospective tenants and scheduling property and unit tours, TenantFlow AI pays for itself 4x over.

Always improving

Unlike traditional software, our AI learns over time - providing a personal touch to your prospects that will bring in quality tenants.Leasa is a professional representative of your business.

How does TenantFlow AI work?

Leasa, our intelligent AI,

Responds instantly ⚡️

Tenantflow AI takes you from first inquiry to scheduled tour. Whether the unit is open or occupied, Leasa can help make scheduling simple.When a new prospect comes in, we'll reach out immediately via text message to the prospect.Then Leasa asks your pre-qualification questions.

Leasa will

Pre-qualify prospects

Leasa will screen candidates based on your qualification criteria then reach out to you for approval and tour scheduling.Leasa can handle anything from income/credit requirement to pet policy, and move in date.At the end, you will receive transcripts of Leasa's text conversations with the prospective tenant via email to make sure you've got all the details.

with your approval, Leasa will

Schedule Tours

After qualification, and optionally after your approval, we'll schedule a tour for you or someone else, removing the hassle of finding a time that works.

with Leasa and TenantFlow AI

What doesn't TenantFlow AI do?

While we believe TenantFlow AI will greatly improve the experience of screening prospective tenants, we're focused on making that experience exceptional for you as a property manager and for your prospective tenants.The current limitations are that we don't:
- Accept payment information
- Run background or credit checks
- manage tenants relationships
- Do accounting or finance
Our goal is simple - TenantFlow AI is the best way to screen and respond to prospective tenants quickly and cost-effectively.

Simple & Predictable Subscription Pricing



per month

Starter covers the basics for small and medium property managers.We're providing special Early Bird pricing and a free trial for those that subscribe now.

  • Up to 5 active listings

  • Automated AI tenant screening

  • Up to 200 messages included



per month

Our tier for larger clients. Includes everything in starter in addition to...

  • Everything in starter

  • Up to 25 Active Listings

  • unlimited messages

  • Integrated Background Checks (coming soon)

  • E-signatures (coming soon)

  • Automated rental agreements (coming soon)

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